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About Us

Contemporary Art is an image, which thinks about problems that belongs to modernism and late modernism, makes art not repeated, converted image.

Current Art is also responds our time directly, explains social politic problems in a very clear way.

Since 1990, Modern and Present Art have disputed a social evolution. Meanwhile Contemporary Art comes into universal, international blockbuster art exhibitions and biennales became new exploration area for artists. Autonomous establishment and initiatives support artists. Along with 90’s supporting art and artists has gone increasingly.

One of these art-supporting establishments is Deyim Gallery that has begun managed professionally in 2007 at Maslak Spring Giz Plaza. Gallery aims at both young talented and expert artists who are deserved financial and inward support.

Because of accessibility to contemporary and current art has become very important, Deyim Gallery will serve to art lover with new branch at Nisantasi on November. Gallery will work with international artists besides young talented Turkish artists. The most purpose of working with international artists for Deyim Gallery is getting visibility in a foreign country and perspective in Turkey objectively for young capable Turkish artists. In summary Deyim Gallery welcomes all artists who understand contemporary and current art very well.

The opening of Deyim Gallery will be with Eden Gallery that has many branches in several big cities oh the world. Deyim Gallery would love to meet you its new branch at Nisantasi.